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Legislative fly-ins are among the most complex events for a meeting planner in washington DC to manage.

The Tell-All Guide to Advocacy Days


An advocacy day, or legislative fly-in, brings constituents from across the U.S. together at the capitol to advocate for common interests. Learn more.

Tips for Finding an Event Space

Finding a Venue – How to Scout Event Locations like a Pro


The experts at JDC walk you through what to look for and most importantly what questions to ask when finding a venue for your next event.

Engaging the five senses in corporate event planning

Engaging the Five Senses in Event Planning


There is no other part of the marketing mix as powerful as an event. To build your event for maximum effect, try engaging the five senses during the event planning process.

Kara Dao explains the basics of event planning pricing strategy

Event Pricing Strategies


At JDC, we always base an event’s ticket pricing on the type of experience an event promises to deliver. With pent-up demand for in-person events still quite strong, people are craving the intimacy of in-person networking, and they are willing to pay for the value of transformative face-to-face experiences. Here are a few things to keep in mind while considering pricing.

Woman writing in notebook to create a corporate event planning checklist

The Definitive Corporate Event Planning Checklist


Putting on an event can be daunting. Our comprehensive corporate event planning guide (with PDF checklist) will walk you through the process.




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