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How Event Tech Can Strengthen In-Person Experiences


See how event technology is being used to streamline registration, break down barriers, and create meaningful and personalized experiences

Is Anybody Listening? Designing Events that Foster Active Learning


There is genuine power in the art of listening, and lately there has been a great deal of interest in how to successfully shut out the noise and actively hear what others have to say to us.

The Unconventional Event Venue: What You Should Know


Have you planned events in unconventional event venues? Here are the top things you should know before you start planning.

The Power of Micro Events

When It Comes to Events, Bigger Isn’t Always Better


If you focus on interaction and engagement, as well as creating the right atmosphere for the intended audience, you will already be well on your way to success.

Five Essential Attributes of a Successful Event Planner


Here are five essential attributes that are virtually woven into the DNA of JDC’s project managers. Learn more.

Eight Strategies to Plan Successful Events on a Tight Schedule


Master the art of event planning with lightning-fast turnaround times using JDC’s proven strategies. From efficient meetings to trusted partnerships, template utilization, and simultaneous component management, discover how to pull off remarkable gatherings even under pressure.