A growing portfolio of event brands owned & managed by JDC Events


A growing portfolio of event brands owned & managed by JDC Events

Building upon who we are

At our core, we are a creative company. We’re driven to help people by bringing them together for memorable shared experiences. That’s been our mission for 25 years as we have worked with clients in the corporate, government, and nonprofit spaces to help them form relationships, spread knowledge, and strengthen their industries.


As a company, we’ve always known that events spark change in people’s lives. With JDC+, our goal is to build on that founding principle by developing innovative new events and other resources for the communities we serve. We’re using our existing strengths and capabilities to find fresh ways to help people connect and grow.

Meeting a need

During the pandemic, JDC Events quickly shifted gears to keep meeting the needs of our clients in the face of existential challenges. We didn’t just survive; we evolved, and we raised the bar for ourselves in the process. 


At the same time, because we work with first responders, we had a close-up view of how the pandemic affected them. We saw a need to facilitate new conversations among the public safety disciplines to help them develop a more unified response to their own challenges. That’s what inspired us to create our first in-house division, Equipped. 


It also sparked the inspiration to fill similar needs for other groups – starting with our own industry. We saw that event organizers needed resources to help them facilitate year-round engagement with event participants. It’s a topic that has long been discussed in the industry, but no one has successfully “cracked the community code” yet. To meet that need, we recently launched our second division, Fuse. 


We’ll take the same approach as we continue to build the JDC+ portfolio: First, we’ll identify a critical knowledge gap in one of the industries we serve, and then we’ll bridge that gap through new, expertly produced, purpose-driven events. All along the way, we’ll remain dedicated to building those brands with our stakeholders instead of for them.


Equipped brings together first responders from fire, EMS, law enforcement, and 911 dispatch to highlight innovative solutions to today’s biggest challenges in emergency response. Our mission is to curate events and digital content to equip public safety professionals with vital resources, including leadership training, collaborative crisis response strategies, technological innovations, and more.

Fuse positions event organizers to create sustainable communities of trust and value. As experienced event professionals, we have the collective expertise to better define what “community” means for our industry and to bridge the power of shared values in building loyalty, trust, and organizational growth. Fuse is a catalyst for empowering such growth through driving attendee engagement, fostering new business relationships, and promoting purposeful participation.