Events Spark Change

Events Spark Change by Jennifer D. Collins, CMP - A Guide to Designing Powerful and Engaging Events



Understanding the 5 Key Phases—Sensory, Purpose, Activations, Resources, and Know-How—will help any organization, company, community center, church, synagogue or other entity create change-making and impactful events.


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Events Spark Change is a must-have guide
to designing powerful and engaging events.

By Jennifer D. Collins, CMP

Event Expert & Certified Meeting Professional (CMP)


Jennifer is the President & CEO of an award-winning, multi-million dollar event design firm based in the Washington, D.C. area. Over the span of her career she has helped corporate, government and non-profit clients from all over the world build stronger brands and design impactful events no matter the challenges. She’s taken the top five elements that are most important to designing an event that can spark change. This easy-to-read guide book offers real world case studies, savvy tips, and workbook pages—an invaluable toolkit for anyone who wants to learn the secrets to planning powerful events.


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Jennifer D. Collins - President and CEO of JDC Events

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FREE Event Planning Resources

SPARK Model Graphic

Remember the five points of the SPARK model.

Sample Timeline Template

Template for creating and tracking an event timeline.

Sample Budget Template

Budget your event costs with our categorized Budget Template.

Sample Hotel Request for Proposal Template

Helpful form letter for securing bids from hotels.

Sample Vendor Request for Proposal Template

Use this template to collect bids from vendors.

Sample Supply Order Template

Keep track of the supplies you order with this template.