When It Comes to Events, Bigger Isn’t Always Better

When It Comes to Events, Bigger Isn’t Always Better

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Your event doesn’t need to be the biggest of its kind to make an impact– it only needs to be thoughtfully designed for your attendees.

When was the last time you attended a planned event that made a positive impact on your life? Was it an event in which you learned something new? Were you inspired by someone to change the course of your business or personal life?

There is wonderful power in events. But that power isn’t dictated by size– it’s determined by how meaningful the event was to participants. People often think that an event has to be a big, flashy affair with bright lights, music, performers, and other special effects. That describes a number of events, but it’s actually the exception rather than the rule.

When it comes to events, bigger isn’t always better. Merriam-Webster defines an event as “a noteworthy happening.” By that definition, the premise of an event is to make an impact.

Many of the meetings and events I planned early on were not large at all. But their focus often sparked some form of change in the people who attended. Whether it is training, learning a new idea, building demand for a product or service, or strengthening stakeholder relationships, the power of any type of event to spark change is real.

An impactful event is about far more than finding a space and inviting people to see a speaker at the front of a room. It takes time to build content and determine the best space for your event to encourage interaction and engagement among attendees and create an atmosphere in which people are receptive to the information.

When planning any event, start by asking: Who do we want to come to the event? What message do we want them to learn from the event? What do we want them to do when the event is over? Remember: The answers to those questions don’t have to make national news. But they should help define the impact you expect your event to make.

In a digital world where people communicate with the click of a mouse, there is nothing so memorable as a face-to-face with your intended audience. That’s why the power of events should never underestimated. No other element of the marketing matrix can deliver a message as effectively—or make as big an impact.


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