JDC Events COO Kara Dao to deliver presentation at IAEE Expo! Expo! 2022

JDC Events COO Kara Dao to deliver presentation at IAEE Expo! Expo! 2022

When you take the Tube in London, they remind you to “Mind the Gap.” This is because people frequently trip themselves up and get hurt. JDC Events COO Kara Dao will invite attendees to think of relationships in the same manner during her presentation at IAEE’s Expo! Expo! 2022 on Dec. 13 in Louisville, KY.

“We are constantly getting tripped up by unexpected challenges from difficult people and difficult situations,” said Dao. “Is it, however, that the person or situation is difficult? Or is it that you need to examine the gap more to fully understand what’s in front of you?”

Session attendees will explore examples of dealing with difficult people and situations in the events industry. They will also learn coping techniques and tactics for disarming difficult people, transforming confrontation into long-term relationships.

“Some relationships are so easy that there is barely a gap between you and the person you are trying to work with, and everything flows smoothly between you,” said Dao. “Other times, the gap is like the Grand Canyon, a giant divide that seems insurmountable. Through a careful ‘gap’ analysis you’ll find how to develop coping techniques for difficult situations and ways to reach across the divide to embrace that difficult person. You’ll learn how to create mutually agreeable solutions together. And you’ll understand how to deal with a “difficult” person through fostering a relationship with them.”


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