Trade Shows

Getting It Right

We are experts at designing trade shows that help your organization achieve their mission by bringing together influencers and decision-makers across a range of industries.


One of the main success factors of trade shows is having an event planning partner who takes a detailed, holistic approach. We develop timelines and budgets outlining every aspect of the trade show (e.g., dates, location, booth orders, registration fees, staff traveling, designated exhibit structures, etc.) and then we precisely manage every detail, ensuring there are no surprises.

Serving Your Unique Needs  


We understand that every company has different requirements for their events, but underneath all the details there’s one common goal: to bring your brand to life. JDC focuses on how to execute this within any constraint, whether budget, exhibit space, or personnel.   


When the attendee journey is memorable and the experience is impactful, event participants spread the word across their community. Our long-term supplier relationships enable us to draw on a large resource of tools for our event design that enable us to elevate the look and feel of the event within any budget. Through our supplier management skills, we provide a polished and professional experience. 


We also bring our production expertise to the show floor. We’ve designed theaters, networking lounges, learning circles, hands-on workshops and more, all on the trade show floor. Our production experience isn’t confined to the walls of a ballroom, either. JDC Events can create a meaningful experience in any space, up to and including constructing conference theaters that wow an audience inside the exhibit hall. 




Trade Show Design: When we design a trade show, we focus on business. The B2C and B2B interactions are vital to sparking an industry and igniting trade. JDC Events brings together all the important components, such as 1:1 matchmaking meetings, experiential opportunities, workshops, and learning in the round. An all-inclusive trade show hall keeps the audience engaged and present throughout the course of the event.   


Exhibits & Sponsorship Program Development: Exhibitor stakeholders are looking to maximize their ROI and ROE. We carefully design an exhibits and sponsorship program to meet those benchmarks. We base our monetization on your price per square foot plus your required contribution margin. Then, we set deliverables to meet that price point so you can grow your event and meet the needs of your customers. 


Content Development: Whether you are designing Quick Pitches or in-depth panel discussions, our team designs content to be engaging and informative. Your conference, exhibitor-led sessions, or sponsored content will flow seamlessly with featured subject matter experts.   


Floor Plan Design: We look beyond the physical barriers of a traditional trade show floor and reimagine the attendee experience in the exhibit hall. Gone are the days of pipe and drape alone.  We create a community on the show floor that mimics a shopping and learning experience all in one space. 


Vendor Sourcing, Negotiation, and Selection: JDC has a wide network of industry connections, but we are also supplier agnostic. That means we are here to negotiate on your behalf. We will source, negotiate, and select only the most innovative, cost-effective, and flexible vendors to meet your needs within your budget. 


Technology: Whatever your digital needs are, JDC Events is here to help. We source wayfinding apps, hybrid exhibit solutions, and the most efficient registration solutions in the industry. Our network is vast, and our solutions are mighty. 


Health and Safety Management: Through our risk assessment and mitigation efforts, we ensure that your trade show is analyzed at a granular level. No stone is left unturned as we work to maintain the general safety and well-being of everyone at your event. Our risk reduction plans include food safety protocols, sanitation measures, and crisis management and communication plans.


Onsite Management: From general show floor management to technical producers, we are there for you. Our onsite management team arrives at move-in and works with you through move-out. Whether it’s managing registration or providing a health and safety officer, we have the right personnel for your trade show success. Each team member comes with a unique set of skills designed to meet your specific needs. 


Exhibits Management: Team JDC specializes in exhibits campaigns. We understand how to maximize brand exposure within any budget. We’ve organized trade show booths for a variety of clients in a variety of industries. From your staff plan to your onsite booth installation, we’ve got your back.