Online Event Services

People often ask us: “How can we offer an effective digital experience that captures the spirit of coming together face-to-face?” We’re here to help you achieve that goal, captivating audiences through online events that are both accessible and informative.

JDC has single stream solutions via a variety of digital engagement platforms that keep your attendees and stakeholders connected and engaged. The JDC Events approach provides clients with the roles they need in digital event design and formatting, event production, stage management and content management. We customize solutions to meet your needs in a one-stop-shop. Here’s a quick guide to our process.

Set goals and KPIs

Hosting your program online involves more than simply building content. JDC Events will position you to create a meaningful online experience that meets your organization’s unique goals. Do you want to educate? Celebrate a milestone? Create a networking experience? We’ll help you identify your goal and build an event that actively supports it. At this stage of the process, we will also provide consultation on your offerings for sponsors, content delivery and branding. Once your goals are in place, we’ll help you design the event’s flow and determine which tools you need to bring your vision to life.

Source technology

We stay up-to-date on the latest tools and trends, and we’ll use that expertise to source technology that has the right features to match your event goals and design. Once we help you plan a purposeful user experience based on your desired attendee journey, we’ll get to work producing your event.

Manage stakeholders

The JDC onboarding process includes sharing video tutorials and step-by-step guidelines, conducting one-to-one meetings, coordinating session recordings (as needed), and conducting platform tours. JDC Events will manage the registration process and guide the attendee experience. Our strategists will create tailor-made solutions to ensure participants remain engaged and experience the full range of offerings at your event.  

Go live

Anyone who has hosted an event knows that the day-of experience is a whirlwind of activity. We will take care of ensuring the event goes off smoothly, from running the behind-the-scenes tech, to stage directing the sessions, to answering participants’ questions.

Wrap up post-show

After the event wraps, JDC Events will provide post-event data and a summary report. These essential tools will empower you to objectively analyze the event and incorporate feedback into the design of your next event. We can also facilitate the delivery of event sessions on-demand so that attendees can watch content at their leisure.