Corporate Events

Bringing the team together to strategize or celebrate a milestone is one of the most important ways to build a strong organizational culture. Every corporate gathering starts with a strategy: What do you want to accomplish, and how can you best accomplish it? Once a strategy is in place, it’s all about sound implementation to make sure your gathering is stress-free before, during and after the event.

Corporate Summits

A well-planned sales or client summit energizes a group and equips them with vital knowledge for the year ahead. It’s an opportunity to motivate your team by bringing them together to celebrate the accomplishments of the past year and share projections for the upcoming quarter. At JDC Events, we are experts at planning summits that facilitate communication and connection, whether in person or virtually.


Our team will customize the experience of your summit through every component of your agenda, from the State of the Company report, to your exciting new product launch, to your CSR volunteer opportunity, all the way through to your closing party.

Corporate Social Events

We plan celebrations that are either stand-alone events or part of a larger program, such as a multi-day conference. JDC Events will work with you tailor the perfect mix of networking, entertainment, and idea-sharing for your audience.


Your program involves more than simply building content. We position you to create an experience that leaves a lasting impression and fosters meaningful connections.


A sampling of events we have planned include:

  • Company anniversaries
  • Centennial celebrations
  • Black-tie receptions and dinners
  • Awards and recognition events

Teambuilding and Corporate Retreats

One of the most important realizations to come from the past year and a half is the critical need for meaningful connection. Whether your goal is to establish camaraderie among a remote workforce or re-center the team in the wake of a tumultuous time, our team at JDC Events can curate connection through relaxed, fun, and engaging in-person corporate retreats and teambuilding events. JDC Events will serve as operational and event support, managing all pre-event logistics and the onsite implementation of single-day or multi-day programs, thereby freeing up your internal team to focus on higher-level content development and priority items.

Supplier Diversity Events

As a business built on the principles of quality, diversity, and innovation, JDC Events is uniquely qualified to bring supplier diversity events to life. We can create a polished, user-friendly event production infrastructure, grounded in purposeful event design and reflective of your company’s core brand values. We would be proud to provide your community with an event experience complete with vibrant programming and meaningful networking opportunities. 


JDC will collaborate closely with you to holistically thread DE&I principles throughout the event from start to finish, incorporating them in the visual brand, content development, and event production. When recommending vendors, JDC will source and highlight diversity.

Case Study: The Calvert Group

JDC designed, staged, and executed Calvert Group’s 30th Anniversary Celebration. More than 200 people celebrated during an evening filled with special touches related to the company’s global focus on social and environmental responsibility.


The overall stage set reflected the I-Ching, a Chinese symbol of wealth and prosperity, which has special meaning to the company founders.


Entertainment featured the Andes Manta band playing traditional South American folk music and a book by Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus, a former Calvert Group Fund Director.


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