Smart Strategies Are Vital

In today’s dynamic landscape, events are powerful tools that demand purposeful design and planning. There must be thoughtful consideration of their focus, impact, and measurable results. To establish a well-organized strategy, JDC Events uses a collaborative approach to understand each client’s goals and options for their event. These initial steps are critical to paving the way for seamless planning and smooth implementation.


1: Discovery: Become familiar with the event on a granular level.


2: Goal Identification: Ensure alignment on the event’s vision and determine benchmarks for success.


3: Design Summit: Unleash our collective creativity to shape the event’s program, including networking, activations, attendee engagement, and more.

Custom-Fit Collaboration

Every client is different. Every audience is different. Every event is different. That’s why we do not take a one-size-fits-all approach to strategy. Our collaborative process provides the opportunity to level set on essential aspects of the event, particularly expectations and success factors, budget, roles and responsibilities, and potential challenges. We clearly address event parameters such as:


  • Identification of event goals and purpose
  • Feasibility of event (e.g., resource constraints, talent, scope)
  • Determination of target audiences and current relationship with them
  • Expectations and success factors
  • Roles and responsibilities and potential challenges
  • Attendee journey mapping and key touchpoints
  • Calls to action and sustained engagement beyond the core event