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Mission & Core Values

Create events that spark change in the lives of those who participate and benefit from them.

Core Values

We care about people. We believe in being flexible with time so that our team can be present for those meaningful life moments.

We believe in education. Knowledge is power. The more we know, the better this makes us, and the more we can offer our clients.

We deliver. No matter the details, complexity or challenges, we move mountains to ensure our clients’ success.

We own it. Coming to the table with thoughts and ideas offers growth opportunities for our team and our client programs.

We speak the truth. We believe in integrity, and respect each other as people, professionals and leaders.

Our Team

One of our greatest strengths is a team of highly experienced event designers who have literally managed and executed over 2,000 events all over the world. We have seen it all.

From a client perspective, this wealth of experience and expertise significantly reduces the risk of issues, adds pragmatic creativity and provides smooth and creative experiences before, during and after events.

Jennifer D. Collins - President and CEO of JDC Events
Jennifer D. Collins - President and CEO of JDC Events

Jennifer D. Collins, CMP

Empowering Leader / Calming Presence / Moment Maker

As JDC Events’ President and CEO, Jennifer is often coach, therapist, encourager, breadwinner and peacemaker, and still manages to do it all with a smile.


She’s well versed in the art of communication, in tune with what it takes to build a successful business, and to top it off, she’s the author of a book titled Events Spark Change, available on Amazon.


Having started the business as the sole employee in a basement apartment in Washington, D.C., she is proud to have built a company that not only positions clients to build stronger brands, but also changes the lives of their beneficiaries in adopting new skills, learning new ideas that help others or participating in memorable experiences.


A native of Boston, Massachusetts, The American University was the reason for Jennifer’s relocation to Washington, D.C. where she graduated with a B.A. degree in Public Communication. Always cognizant of paying it forward, Jennifer remains active with her alma mater through guest teaching in one of her former professor’s classes (she’s thankful he still invites her after all these years!). She’s served on the Alumni Association Board, the School of Communication’s Dean’s Council, and committed a gift toward construction of the School of Communication’s first-ever building, where an office bears her name.


When not creating transformative experiences for her clients, Jennifer can be found cheering on the New England Patriots (especially when they’re winning Super Bowls!), biking along the picturesque Baltimore-Annapolis Trail and mining her online store of notecards and prints of landscape photos she’s taken. Clearly, one business is simply not enough!


After nearly 20 years under Jennifer’s leadership, JDC Events has grown into an established business and is going strong. Pretty impressive when you consider it all started with one desk and a (mostly) paid-off VISA card.

Kara Dao

Supreme Optimist / Global Event Juggler / Food and Flora Flaunter

As someone who believes everything is possible, Kara is a natural as Senior Director, Client Engagement and Operations. Whether it’s a client working on a shoestring budget or a colleague learning a new task, Kara has an open and approachable nature that makes others feel confident she will help them reach their goals.


When it comes to events, Kara is a true innovator. From simple tweaks that enhance the look of event to elaborate changes resulting in a complete transformation, she can turn the ordinary into extraordinary. And she does it with events of all sizes, across multiple time zones and continents. One of the first events of her more than 25-year career was an exhibition that ranked within the top 100 USA tradeshows and seventh largest IT industry event. She also managed five international trade shows, working with a remote and global team to achieve an 80 percent profit margin. Insurmountable hurdles? Not to Kara. She’s knows what it takes to hold events within months of terror attacks and hurricanes.


When she’s not being amazing at work, Kara enjoys being with family and growing things. She loves to cook for others and is a pro at whipping up tasty and creative dishes from her garden paradise.


A graduate of George Mason University, Kara studied psychology and gerontology. She is certified by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, and is working on her Certification in Exhibition Management (CEM) and Certified Meeting Planning (CMP). 

Kara Dao - Senior Director, Client Engagement and Operations at JDC Events
Kara Dao - Senior Director, Client Engagement and Operations at JDC Events

Megan Hill

Storyteller / Solutions Connector / Heart of Service

As a Customer Experience Specialist with more than twenty-three years of experience, Megan Hill has collected her share of interesting experiences—and stories. Take, for instance, the time she oversaw the luxury suite catering services at the US Open Tennis Championships where she mingled with high-profile clients the United States Tennis Association (USTA), Lexus, Heineken, and the “debonair” Ralph Lauren (Megan’s descriptor). From Forest Whitaker to Alec Baldwin to Telemundo television personalities, Megan knows what it means to serve some of the world’s most well-known celebrities and organizations. 


But every client matters to Megan. For her, it’s all about making lasting connections and genuine partnerships. What really gets Megan’s heart racing—and sometimes skipping a beat—is connecting clients with their ideal solutions. Her natural disposition for service was most recently honed by extensive training through Hilton Worldwide University and in prior coursework on topics such as leadership, e-selling, professional selling, managing people, and converting inquiries.


Outside the job, Megan’s heart is with her niece and nephew, or the “Little Hills,” as she calls them, and her fur babies, two French bulldogs and a Jack Russell/rat terrier. As an owner of a 1930’s home, she is also on an upkeep journey akin to multiple episodes of “This Old House,” yet she has a fully equipped home studio to indulge her eclectic ear for music. Neighbors know Megan as “the lawn whisperer” for her landscaping and gardening skills, the latter of which provides the bounty for her grilled veggie masterpieces that complement her down-to-a-science, fall-off-the-bone, smoked baby back ribs. 

Shafer Busch

Current Event Tracker / International Adventurer / Dining Encyclopedia

For Shafer Busch, Senior Manager, Portfolio and Strategy, her role is about listening, taking notes, and rapidly adapting to changing needs. That’s how she brings people together while working under tight deadlines—across states and nations.


After earning her Masters in Ethics, Peace, and Global Affairs, Shafer spent seven years working on events in the U.S. and Middle East. As COO and director of events at an international nonprofit, she created events to entertain, inspire ideas, and empower voices. A specialist in working with policymakers, diplomats, and entertainers toward a common goal, Shafer’s accomplishments include bringing together an impressive list of who’s who. Her portfolio includes: an annual awards dinner for individuals and organizations that shape social and public policy, a dinner and conversation for U.S. government and intelligence leaders and creative minds from Showtime’s “Homeland” series, and a student discussion event about women in film with the Oscar-winning director of “The Hurt Locker” and “Zero Dark Thirty.”


How does she stay in-the-know? She’s constantly reading, listening to radio and podcasts, and watching TV and films.


Outside the office, she loves spending time with family and trying new fitness trends, but she’s also an international adventurer. Whether in the U.S. or visiting her favorite cities of Cairo and Paris, she is constantly building on her encyclopedic knowledge of recipes, coffee shops, and five-star to hole-in-the-wall eateries.

Shafer Busch, JDC Events
Shafer Busch, JDC Events
Rebecca Croft - Senior Event Planner at JDC Events
Rebecca Croft - Senior Event Planner at JDC Events

Rebecca Croft

Details Dynamo / Coordinator of Components / Passionate Bibliophile

Rebecca is a veteran events maven who delivers a “no stone left unturned” performance with each client project. Being a perfectionist and having outstanding organizational skills are only part of what makes her exceptional. Rebecca is also an accomplished artist and avid reader who has likely read more books than you.


While Rebecca has worked with several notable clients through her 25-year career – including Coca-Cola, IBM, Siemens, Calvert Group and the Women Presidents’ Organization – she excels at planning all types of events, big and small, anywhere in the world. From sporting events to conferences, parties to exhibits, Rebecca handles site searches, transportation, registration and meals – whatever needs to be done!


When she’s not booking hotels or putting together a budget for JDC Events clients, you can find her whipping up a meal for friends at her beach house in Bethany Beach, Delaware – but not before hitting the gym, reading on her Kindle and planning her next international excursion.


Rebecca received both her Bachelors of Arts in International Business and her MBA in Marketing from James Madison University (go Dukes!).

Debbie Levi

Problem Solver Extraordinaire / Client Needs Exceeder / Food Traveler Enthusiast

As a Senior Meetings and Events Manager for JDC Events, Debbie has had an enviable career managing several high-profile events in the DC area. During her more than 20-year tenure as a meeting planning professional, she has been involved with managing presidential Homeland Security meetings at the White House, and worked with Maria, Sargent and Eunice Shriver while supporting Mark Shriver’s political campaign, among other notable clients.


Debbie is passionate about a number of things, both inside and outside of work. On the job, she loves exceeding the needs of her clients and their attendees, and is the first one to notice the details that others don’t see. If there is a reflection on a screen, an LCD reverberation or a wireless mic interfering with webcasting, you can be sure that Debbie will find it and fix it before you even realize there’s an issue. When she’s not problem solving at work, you will find Debbie dreaming of a world filled with unlimited lottery tickets, food travel shows on every channel and infinite vacation time to visit those locations (with her lottery winnings, of course). Outside of winning the lottery, Debbie loves traveling the world and sampling local cuisine from cities big and small. She and her husband also enjoy frequent trips to Brooklyn, NY to visit with their grandchildren.


Her coworkers will tell you it’s not that Debbie is a Certified Medical Assistant, or that she co-authored legislation governing the operations of quarries in Montgomery County, Maryland, or that she once worked security detail for a Congressional candidate’s fundraiser hosted by former President Bill Clinton that impress us. It’s her knack for creative on-the-spot solutions and problem solving. That, and the fact that she has been voted “JDC Events Staffer Everyone Wants to Eat Lunch With” after we learned she once saved a colleague’s life who had choked on food at a conference.

Debbie Levi - Senior Meetings and Events Manager at JDC Events
Debbie Levi - Senior Meetings and Events Manager at JDC Events
La’Shaune Morant - Senior Meetings and Events Manager at JDC Events
La’Shaune Morant - Senior Meetings and Events Manager at JDC Events

La’Shaune Morant

Pleasing Problem Solver / Composed & Calm / Crustacean Admirer

Clients who work with La’Shaune appreciate her warm and gracious demeanor, and the fact that she never gets rattled. Ever. Fellow JDC Events staffers also appreciate these qualities in La’Shaune, and agree they more than make up for her all-out obsession with the entire Real Housewives franchise.


As a Senior Meetings and Events Manager for JDC Events, La’Shaune brings over 18 years of government meeting planning experience to her clients at the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Sikorsky (a Lockheed Martin Company) and the American Institutes for Research, among others. With her extensive skills in all phases of event planning and management, La’Shaune will tell you that what she loves the most are the meetings that challenge her abilities. Whether she is negotiating a contract, managing a vendor or handling on-site logistics, you can count on La’Shaune to stay cool and collected.


When she’s through with work, La’Shaune loves spending time with her family and being a mom to her two little girls; preparing dinner and helping her children with their homework is her favorite part of the day. Living in Maryland, she is a big fan of eating crabs, and dreams of a day when her daughters can do the hard work of opening them for themselves.


La’Shaune received an Associates Degree in Business from the University of the District of Columbia.

Sharon Peoples

Creative Thinker / Lasting Impacter / Reliable Liaison

Sharon is wired to find creative solutions for everything from marketing and promotions to organizing logistics to making connections between company and client. Through every task, every interaction, Sharon makes it her mission to inspire people while providing top-notch customer service. Her goal: to ensure working with JDC makes a lasting impact.


No wonder she’s so great at her role as a Project Coordinator. She has more than 20 years of experience using her talents in roles such as coordinating people, schedules, and logistics for “In Performance at the White House” during the Clinton Administration. She has also wrangled performing artists and created informational materials for local radio events. And she is a master at coordinating and implementing not-for-profit events and supporting the logistics of every type of gathering from board meetings and luncheons to expos and trade shows to fundraisers and information sessions.


How does she stay so upbeat when juggling people and details? For starters, she loves to laugh. And when she’s not being amazing on behalf of JDC Events, she loves to play with words, write poetry, take pictures, and craft jewelry.


Sharon graduated cum laude from Ashford University’s online accelerated program with a Master of Arts in organizational management.

Sharon Peoples - Project Coordinator at JDC Events
Sharon Peoples - Project Coordinator at JDC Events

Dana Rice

Solutions Gal / Customer Hero / Frugal-living Mentor

A passion for pleasing people. A true solutions gal. A real hero who overcomes customer challenges. That’s Dana.


As JDC’s Exhibitions Specialist, Dana believes that every customer deserves an elevated experience. She loves the excitement of the tradeshow, seeing it as more than a unique opportunity for buyers and sellers to connect, it’s a place where ideas transform and flourish. Accomplishments in her 20 years of event and business managing experience include overseeing the exhibitor base for four global exhibitions. No small task considering her role involved everything from managing the customer interface and tracking information to creating customer materials and planning and executing the events.


Digital and data security are also top of mind for Dana—she is an EC-Council Certified Security Analyst and has a Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance Certification. That’s in addition to her Bachelor of Arts from Adrian College.


Dana also has an amazing life outside the office. She loves cooking and baking for her husband and four sons, and has been a coach for boys’ baseball and basketball teams. At the same time, she has a weakness for shoes, handbags, and curling up with a cup of tea and a good fashion magazine. She is also an avid couponer and takes pride in being “fabulously frugal”—a special talent that she shares with young women and as a mentor and teacher of frugal-living classes.


Check back here for open positions!

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National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC)
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SBA 8(m), Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB)
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