Virtual Event Services

COVID19 has accelerated change and entered us into the unknown. People will remember what you do right now. We want our clients to be remembered for assisting their membership, customers and constituents during the uncertainty that crisis creates.


With so many live events pivoting to digital, a common question is, “How can we offer an effective digital experience that captures the spirit of coming together face-to-face?” While digital will never replace all that live events encapsulate, we’re here to help you come closer than ever to recreating in-person experiences in a virtual environment.

Unlike simple webinars, JDC has single stream solutions via a variety of digital engagement platforms that keep your attendees and stakeholders connected and engaged. The JDC Events approach provides clients with the roles they need in digital event design and formatting, event production, stage management, content management and exhibition management. We customize solutions to meet your needs in a one-stop-shop.  



Whether you’re planning a Board Meeting, Conference, Tradeshow or other event, we work with you to define the strategy for digital execution. Moving your program online is more than simply building content. We position you to create an engaging online experience for your audience.

Content Development and Speaker Management


Example of virtual event session layoutContent is king, and JDC Events will create your kingdom. We excel at programming, speaker procurement and management. To ensure your speakers are successful, we set them up with proper broadcasting tools, production elements and training. We also customize the platform to reflect your brand.



JDC will create multiple layers of opportunity for branding and activations at your digital event.  Like the physical event world, we provide options for stakeholders who invest at different financial levels.  Our strategists understand that sponsors seek more than branding. We source digital activations that meet the needs of your audience, therefore providing greater opportunity for your sponsors to engage. We will build the ROI that your customers demand.  

Audience Engagement Strategy


Virtual Meetings and Events PlatformOnce your audience checks in at your digital event, retaining their attention is essential. Our strategists will create tailor-made solutions to ensure participants are directed to the full range of offerings at your event.

Chat During Live and Pre-recorded Sessions


Attendees that check into your sessions can open individual or small group chats or create private discussions on a topic.  We promote interactions between presenters, audience members and key stakeholders throughout the event.  

Peer to Peer Video Conferencing


Our platform allows you to easily browse and connect with the list of digital event attendeesIn addition to live chat, why not let your attendees introduce themselves face-to-face with a one-on-one video conference call, made directly from their personalized event dashboard?   After-all, events are about the accidental networking and serendipitous moments.  JDC Events seeks to replicate this experience in the digital world.       

Attendee Matching for Next-Level Networking


Make virtual networking effortless for your exhibitors and attendees. Algorithms match your attendees based on their titles, affiliations, or other interests, empowering them to make meaningful connections with ease. 

Exhibiting Solutions


"Walking Through" a Digital ExhibitionReplicate the show floor feel by providing sourcing tools for the visitors and 1:1 live engagement for your exhibitors.  Create levels of participation for scalable exhibiting solutions. And we have something unique — ecommerce can be provided for a true marketplace feel.

Appointment Scheduling


Remember how exhibitors and attendees love to set up and manage appointments at live events? We have useful tools to enable them to conveniently schedule these appointments at digital events.  Visitors can easily manage their experience and efficiently use their time. Exhibitors hold meetings with interested clients, further increasing their ROI.

Special Events & Shared Experiences


Invite like-minded individuals to join you for a toast! Need a private virtual space to host a special event? We can facilitate that too.  Imagine a group of individuals sharing a music experience or watching an artist in action.   It’s all about the shared experiences of those participating in and supporting your event.  


Ready to make successful networking happen for your digital audience? Our digital event strategists and producers are here to help design your next event.


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