About This Project

Bonaventure is a vertically integrated real estate company that specializes in property and investment management, architectural design, and the development of multifamily rental properties. Based in Alexandria, VA, Bonaventure is one of the top 15 HUD developers in the United States, managing 5,848 units and $500 million in HUD loans, and completing over $2.25 billion in transactions.


In summer 2022, Bonaventure held an Investor Day event to inform investors about Bonaventure’s practices and future, court current investors, and onboard new investors. Over 60 current and potential investors attended.


JDC worked with Bonaventure on the event to ensure it ran without a hitch. With a six-week turnaround, this involved establishing the client’s vision, advising on best practices to accomplish that vision, researching and securing venues in Old Town Alexandria, logistically planning and developing a schedule for the event, and conducting onsite coordination of catering, guest shuttle services, event space management, and the implementation of a hybrid/virtual component for presentations from Bonaventure Founder and CEO Dwight D. Dunton III and journalist and urbanist Greg Lindsay.


Bonaventure’s point of contact said upper management and investor attendees alike expressed their enthusiasm for the smooth run of the successful event, as well as the JDC team’s organization, communication, and dedication.