Fit Assessment

Are we the right fit for you?

We believe selecting the right collaborative partner for events is very important. In addition to answering client-generated RFPs, we also use a Fit Assessment process to help make sure that we have the right skills to meet your needs.

How do we find out if we fit?

We begin with a meeting where decision-makers are in the room to clearly outline needs and expectations. Here is a small sample of the questions we will explore together:


  • What are the objectives?
  • Who are the stakeholders?
  • What improvements do you expect to see as the result of this event?
  • What constraints are you facing?
  • What are competing priorities in terms of timing, budget and management attention?
  • What is the budget allocation?


After obtaining answers to these questions and others, we will come back to you with a proposal that outlines our best solution, costs, and timelines. We will meet in person with you to review the proposal so we can answer any questions you have and explore alternative ideas.


Ready to talk? We’d love to meet with you! Get in touch here.