The Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program (YRRP)

About This Project

The Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program (YRRP) is a comprehensive initiative led by the Department of Defense designed to enhance the well-being of Service members, along with their families and communities. These Yellow Ribbon events are strategically timed before, during, and after deployments, enabling Service members and their loved ones to connect with local resources.


During the crucial reintegration phase post-deployment, these events play a pivotal role in facilitating access to essential information related to healthcare, education, training opportunities, financial support, and legal benefits. The involvement of commanders and leaders is vital in ensuring the attendance of Service members and their families at these events, which are supported by government partners like the Small Business Administration, Department of Labor, and Veterans Affairs. By collaborating with these partners, the program can offer timely and pertinent resources.




JDC produced three consecutive events for YRRP in March, April and June of 2023, each awarded with less than one week to deliver. The tight timeline required JDC to swiftly identify suitable venues, negotiate contracts, and manage logistics such as catering, audio-visual arrangements, and childcare facilities. These tasks had to be meticulously orchestrated while aligning with the client’s agenda and securing a sufficient number of sleeping rooms for participants.




One of JDC’s most experienced government event planners took charge of project management to deliver a successful event with no time to lose. Under her expert leadership, the JDC team delivered all three of these events on time and within budget.