DFC-OGC Fall Training Session October 17-19, 2022

About This Project

The U.S. International Development Finance Corporation’s Office of General Counsel (OGC) turned to JDC Events for help in planning a three-day offsite training to address change management for their organization. The goal for this event was to bring their team to “The Next Level.” The planning team had a clear list of objectives:


  • Create a safe environment to discuss changes, including the announcement of a significant department reorganization
  • Integrate and unify their team with a focus on inclusion through diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) training
  • Conduct required continuing education sessions while everyone was together
  • Establish the department’s role in relation to the corporation’s priorities and strategic vision


The U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) is an independent government agency formed at the end of 2019 by merging the 50-year-old Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) with USAID’s Development Credit Authority, along with several other, smaller funding agencies. Its mission is to provide financial support, in partnership with the private sector, for ethical investment projects in developing countries. As a result of this merger, the OGC experienced tremendous growth – doubling in size to a multi-generational, multi-national staff of 60, many of whom had never met in person.


To bring together this diverse group of former OPIC staff and new employees, JDC Events worked with OGC to design the training session, including providing a facilitator with more than 25 years of corporate experience in organizational development to aid in developing the opening session, which addressed OGC’s priorities and the strategic vision around the restructuring. A specialist in implementing successful organizational programs in leadership, communication skills, employee involvement, satisfaction, and teambuilding, our facilitator participated in pre-event communications and facilitated overall discussions throughout the three-day training.


OGC’s objective for DEI was to create an ongoing conversation that would continue before, during, and after the offsite training. Two preliminary sessions addressed formal training on rules and regulations to inform the onsite discussion. To help them tie it all together and facilitate the onsite session, JDC Events provided an expert facilitator and strategist in diversity and inclusion, talent, and culture with more than 20 years of experience in the field.


It was important to craft a session with a collaborative approach. Starting with the stated objective to explore the “I” in DEI, the JDC Events team worked with the OGC planning team to develop a human-centered approach, weaving inclusion into the larger tapestry of work – along with communication, awareness, mindfulness, respect, and diversity. In the session, the facilitator opened a dialogue that allowed the employees to brainstorm ways to co-create a common language in which to work together.


For this event, the professional team at OGC put their trust in JDC to design the training including delivering the subject matter expertise, strategy, program management, and logistical capability. Despite a short timeframe, JDC provided smooth delivery and onsite support, positioning OGC to host a transformative experience to connect their team and put them on the road to success.