About This Project

The RAND Corporation is an international research organization that works to create safer communities throughout the world by developing solutions to public policy challenges.


In coordination with the University of Michigan Institute for Firearm Injury Prevention, the RAND Corporation and partners hosted the National Research Conference on Firearm Injury Prevention in 2022. This annual conference is designed to highlight research and science in all fields of firearm injury prevention, promote collaboration across organizations and disciplines, and create a safe space for scientific conversations where faculty can present their research to peers.


RAND entrusted JDC Events with the management of all pre-event logistics and onsite execution of this two-day program, freeing their internal team to focus on higher-level priority items such as content development. The JDC Events team provided professional management of vendors, venue, hotel, lodging, A/V, and food and beverage planning needs. In addition, team members handled speaker management and coordinated the design and production of signage and other event materials. 


JDC also created and managed the event registration site, which had an added complexity: Registrants had to be approved to attend. Once approved by the client, attendees were officially registered for the event. This required more effort and attention to detail than a normal registration process, but the JDC team executed it flawlessly.


Though the hours for the project were scoped tightly, the JDC team stayed within budget but were happy to provide insight and guidance on out-of-scope tasks. Together with the client, JDC Events curated a successful, engaging in-person experience. So successful, in fact, the team is beginning to work on their conference for 2023.