Power Networking Conference


About This Project

JDC Events designed the strategy and flow of a conference that promotes Black entrepreneurship and independent wealth management. This was the first fully immersive virtual event geared solely to serving the Black community. The hosts promoted voting rights, being physically active, continuing spirituality in the face of adversity, and maintaining one’s community. They also provided opportunities for participants to learn about starting and growing businesses, as well as maintaining financial freedom and independence through entrepreneurship.


JDC Events was responsible for adapting their in-person event into the virtual world. The conference featured a broadcast TV-style approach for viewing sessions on the main stage, workshop sessions for engagement and Q&A, and networking lounges for deeper discussions with attendees and thought leaders. It also included personalized video meeting rooms for in-the-moment meetings with other attendees, speakers and exhibitors, as well as an exhibit area used as virtual office suites for thought leader meetings, sourcing options/solutions, and interactions with suppliers.


The event hosts were primarily focused on engagement, entertainment and maintaining their position as the leading conference serving wealth management in the Black entrepreneurial world.

Client testimonial:


“You and your entire team were transcendent. The best decision we made was to select JDC Events as our event managers. What we are most proud of, with your help, is that we achieved our goal of setting new standards of excellence for virtual conferences in Black America. The hundreds of calls, texts, emails and accolades we’ve received bear this out.”