Travel Management

Profiles Are Important

We know that travel can often be daunting in light of airline mergers, security and crowded airports and airplanes. To mitigate the process, we have found that developing a profile sheet is a best practice in managing the arrangements. We provide travelers with details about making their overall arrangements, and manage the process so that they have a smooth experience.


We’ll provide instructions for the form to be returned to our office. We’ll submit them to the travel agency and provide the hotel with the traveler’s name. This process helps to track which attendees have made arrangements and which need follow-up reminders.

Strong Travel Agency Relationships

We have multiple travel agency relationships and also work collaboratively with travel agencies designated by our clients. Our partner agencies are experienced leaders within the travel industry and provide customized plans for domestic and international business travel. Our team collaborates with the agencies to maximize the most hassle-free travel experience, while remaining adaptable to any potential changes.