Sponsorship Management

The Importance of Sponsors

Sponsors are important components of an event’s success. Not only do some bring critical financial resources, but they also can lend great credibility and marketing power to events.


At JDC Events, we treat sponsors like partners. As we work through strategic and implementation decisions, we not only ask what will create a better experience for attendees, but also what will create a better experience for sponsors. It is then that a customized and powerful partnership is born.

Negotiating Sponsor Levels and Packages

We are experts at determining sponsor levels and negotiating packages. We look not only at the short-term revenue, but also the future of your event. For example, often there is a great deal of data about customers and influencers generated at an event. We make sure that your organization is getting the full value of that data.


Additionally, we proactively look for sponsors who are right for the event in terms of brand synergy and reputation.