Sponsorship Program Assessment and Design

The key to building a successful sponsorship strategy is organized creativity. Today’s sponsors want more than broad brand exposure; they want to know that their sponsorship is helping them reach key decision-makers who can forge new partnerships with their business. 


JDC Events understands that each event brings different opportunities to the table. We develop sponsorship offerings based on a series of specific criteria, including the size of the event, attendee demographics, and industry type. The result is a customized inventory of sponsorship opportunities that are tailored to fit each client’s event. 


JDC Events offers three tiers of sponsorship management services: 


  1. Assessment: We review clients’ sponsorship offerings to increase sales and maximize sponsors’ return on investment.
  2. Design: We create new sponsorship programs for clients who are starting from scratch or want a fresh start.
  3. Sales: We pitch sponsorships to specific organizations who would be a good fit for each opportunity, and help verse our clients’ teams in how to incorporate sponsorship into their conversations with customers.

The Modern Mix

Our sponsorship lineups feature a mix of branding and networking opportunities, from classic logo placement on signs and banners all the way to innovative interactive experiences. We think not just about the onsite experience, but about how we can harness communications before and after an event to create multichannel opportunities to connect sponsors with audiences. 


By finalizing sponsorship packages early in the planning cycle, we allow plenty of time to pair organizations with opportunities. Sponsorships are incorporated into an event from the very beginning, so that companies can consider sponsorships from the moment they sign up to participate.


When considering who would be a good fit for a particular sponsorship, we think big – beyond exhibitors and attendees. Sometimes the ideal organization is one that’s new to an event. Creating these new connections can help expand an event’s reach and prestige.  

The Bottom Line

The new measure of success isn’t in creating as many leads as possible; it’s in creating the right leads, which convert to new business. Even a small event can attract sponsors if decision-makers are in attendance; as long as there’s an opportunity to foster valuable connections, a sponsorship program can deliver success.