Onsite Event Management

Organization in Motion

A JDC Project Manager will oversee the onsite delivery of your event, supported by team members selected for their ability to manage the moving pieces directly tied to each component. JDC Events project team members are experienced planners equipped with exceptional organizational and communication skills, able to work as a cross-functional team to ensure success in the planning and delivery of your event. Whether the lead time is months, weeks, or days, JDC will work with you to develop a comprehensive plan, execute a seamless delivery, and engage your audience.


Our onsite preparation includes contingency planning, internal and external communication plans, and the creation of an onsite schedule that spans from arrival through departure. With task lists for each day and team members assigned to each task, you can be sure the right staff is in place and prepared to handle the myriad details for each phase of onsite event delivery – whether expected or unexpected.


Top 5 attributes of JDC team members:

  • Superior organizational and communication skills
  • Flexibility, creativity, resourcefulness, and ability to delegate
  • Strong project- and time-management skills
  • Exceptional people and diplomacy skills
  • Grace and calm under pressure