On Site Event Management

Improvisation in Motion

When our team arrives on-site, we know there is often a level of unpredictability in the execution. After our thorough planning process and command of the details, we stand ready to improvise as needed to execute a successful meeting or event.


A JDC project manager will oversee the event, supported by team members who can manage the moving pieces. Everyone will have a role that is directly tied to each of your event’s components, utilizing a run of show that details the minute-by-minute execution of each duty. With task lists for each day and team members assigned to each task, we will ensure there is enough staff in place for each phase and responsibility of the event.


Your onsite team will include:

  • Superior organizational and communication skills
  • Flexibility, creativity, resourcefulness and ability to delegate
  • Strong project- and time-management skills
  • Exceptional people and diplomacy skills
  • Grace and calm under pressure


We will set staff up for success by giving them a briefing document before they travel and arranging a group tour and orientation once they arrive at the venue.


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