Experience Boxes and Swag

With custom-curated experience boxes and event swag, organizers can cultivate enthusiastic engagement among attendees, whether their event is virtual, hybrid or live. Our experience boxes are more than just thoughtful gifts: The items inside are integrated with the event agenda, meaning that participants unbox and use the items together at specific points during the event. These multisensory shared experiences create lasting connections among attendees, even when they are physically distant.


JDC’s swag and experience box services include management, fulfillment, and distribution. With years of experience in this arena, our staff bring considerable organizational skill to these processes, creating a stress-free environment for event hosts and sponsors. Swag bags may include either physical items to be shipped, or digital items to be dropped into participants’ email inboxes. 

Here are just a few of the countless ways we can design an experience box for your next event. The samples below average about $30 per person, including standard shipping. Applicable items will be customized with your branding.

Mardi Gras Box

Mardi Gras Experience Boxes

An association celebrates Mardi Gras during their reception at their annual conference by sending experience boxes to the first 1,000 registered attendees. The box holds party attire as well as clues to trivia games being held during the reception.


Inside each box is a card that maps the journey for the receiver:  


Don your mask and beads for our Mardi Gras party on Tuesday, February 16 and help us celebrate a new year.  And keep your other goodies close by, as they might come in handy during the evening.  

Active Box

A festival organizer needs to acknowledge the hard work of its 200+ volunteers. Custom boxes are designed to keep those volunteers hydrated, occupied and ready to help. This box recognizes their dedication and gives them the tools to get the job done. Inside each box is a card reads:


Volunteers Keep Us Going. Thank you for your help during our online festival. Stay hydrated and take notes for us on what went well and what can be improved.  

Calm Box

A corporation needs to stay top of mind with their client base.  They’ve decided to hold a client summit.  The theme of the summit is “Keep Calm and Carry On with COMPANY NAME.” Calm boxes are shipped in advance for their enjoyment during the event. Branded journals for taking notes can be swapped out for a book. Inside each box is a card that reads:


Keep Calm and Carry On with COMPANY NAME. We want you to relax during our client summit, connect with others and come away feeling inspired. Keep the tea handy for one of our networking groups – Sip and Share.

Pictured items are for sample purposes only. Actual boxes will be custom-curated for each client.