Budgets & Timelines

Leave It in the Hands of Experts

Creating a budget and timeline for an event can be a daunting and stressful task. That’s where the experience of JDC Events comes in. Our job is to create realistic budgets and timelines that avoid costly mistakes and surprises. We collaborate with our clients to explore potential issues with the requirements and find the best way to resolve them.

It’s All About Planning

The ability to create a solid budget and timeline is all about planning, and good planning is dependent on asking the right questions. For example, what type of venue is needed? What is the break-even point if the event is revenue generating? What if you do not get enough sponsors? What if you draw more people than expected? What if revenue is not generating or the funding gets cut?

Covering All Bases

We will help you group your budget and timeline into categories such as research, marketing and promotion, delegates (goodie bags, badges, registration), venue (room hire, catering, audiovisual, décor, and furniture), exhibition costs, staff travel and accommodations, speaker fees and expenses, and hospitality.


Then we track the budget and provide regular updates to ensure the revenue and cost is within budget.