Amplify Consulting

Sometimes you need a quick idea or suggestion to elevate an event from good to great. Or perhaps you need in-depth expertise without a long-term commitment. The JDC Events team offers a solution: Amplify Consulting, for in-person and online events. We’ll help you maximize your event’s power while strengthening engagement with your stakeholders.


You can use a block of consulting hours at once or over a period of time. If you think you’ll need more than 25 hours, please get in touch.



Amplify your event:


  • Event strategy: Before any planning can be done, you need to map your event design to the goals of your event. Those goals are based upon the needs of your participants. Let our event strategist guide you through this process so you have a clear plan laid out.


  • Marketing & Communications: Our strategists will help you develop a plan to grow and engage your audience, harnessing all of your communication channels to tailor and broadcast your message.


  • Platform sourcing: Choose an event platform that suits both virtual and in-person event needs. We’ll help you make a smart choice based on your event’s purpose and goals.


  • Entertainment sourcing: Whether virtual or in-person, everyone loves a good party. Team JDC will help you source the perfect cost-effective fit for your event.


  • Speaker management: Collecting bios and abstracts and sourcing keynotes are just a few components to speaker management. In digital events, there is the added challenge of prepping speakers for online presenting. JDC Events specializes in speaker training and mapping your speaker management program.


  • Exhibitor management: Exhibitors have a “build it and they will come” mentality, whether an event is live or online. However, there is a great deal involved to ensure your key stakeholders have success in your event. Let our team train yours in the area of exhibitor management.


  • Sponsorship design: Sponsorships are the financial backbone to any event. They are also important for developing thought leadership and the generation of new content. Team JDC has extensive experience in designing sponsor programs to increase stakeholder satisfaction and increase the monetization of your event.


  • Branding & graphic design: Cohesive branding is essential to any successful event. Having a clearly defined brand enables your entire event team to share a unified vision, from the messaging of the event to its look and feel. JDC Events has worked across a wide variety of brands, tailoring each one to meet the event host’s specific needs.


Let’s Get Acquainted!

15-Minute Consultation

A JDC Events team member will schedule a 15-minute call to discuss your goals and help you get started.

Cost: Free

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Block of 10 Hours

Perhaps you just need suggestions on concepts, marketing strategies, digital platform recommendations or other needs. Our JDC Events team will work with you to chart a path forward.

Cost: $1,500

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Block of 25 Hours

If you need ongoing help with creative design and deeper navigation of your details, then this is for you. The JDC Events team will become a member of your team to provide strategy, insights and other expertise for smooth planning and execution.

Cost: $3,750

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So much, and more

For those who need a little more help, JDC Events offers the above and more under our services umbrella for $150 per hour or by custom estimate based on scope of work.


For your free estimate, please get in touch.