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About This Project

BroadbandUSA is a department of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) under the Department of Commerce. BroadbandUSA works with state, local, and tribal governments, industry, and nonprofits to expand internet access and digital inclusivity.


Through the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of fast, high-quality internet access has proven crucial over and over again. The growth in NTIA and BroadbandUSA’s budgets has reflected that. Since November 2020, JDC Events has worked with BroadbandUSA on more than 30 informational webinars. These include informational webinars for state and local governments on new technologies and securing funding and infrastructure; consultations with tribal governments on providing fast and reliable internet access to tribal communities; and town hall meetings on practices and funding with the public, with webinar audiences running anywhere from 500-1,200 viewers. 


JDC’s primary role within these webinars has been to develop the framework for all three foundational session types; manage timelines; and edit speaker and presenter videos for each webinar into a streamlined package, which runs anywhere from 35-75 minutes and leads into live dialogue components. JDC’s reliable working relationship with BroadbandUSA has led to a reliable template for their regular webinars and hastened simplified turnarounds.