The Value of Learning by Doing

The Value of Learning by Doing

Team participating in an experiential corporate training

When it comes to corporate training, business owners often worry that the result will be little more than time away from the desk for many employees. The concern is that the training will only take team members away from a day’s responsibilities and do little to enhance their knowledge and skills. There’s also the concern that, once trained, members of the team will move on to “greener pastures.”

These concerns are generally unwarranted if the business owner takes the time to select a reputable and organized corporate training partner. The reality is that today’s workers want more from their jobs than just clocking in and sitting at a desk. And, they want more from a training session than just sitting and watching a speaker with a PowerPoint or logging into a network slideshow. In fact, today’s employees view training as a company’s investment in them and their talent.

Getting them out of their regular day-to-day schedule can promote better learning. Having that training take place outside the office can provide them with a different perspective and place them in an environment where they can focus specifically on the training objectives.

One of the best ways to do that is with an experiential learning event. At JDC Events, we have a unique twist on training with our Experiential Insights service.

Experiential Insights is a learning program that immerses your team in an experience outside the office. Getting them away from the office is a more effective way to expand their creativity, develop their skills, and build a stronger team.

People learn best by doing. An experiential event exposes the team to a real-world activity or program with experts in the same or parallel industry. The experiences help your team develop knowledge and skills in critical thinking, customer care, change management, and collaborative leadership. Equipped with the new knowledge, they can then strategize ways to improve your bottom line.

Workers don’t want to stagnate. They want the opportunity to make a difference at their job. Experiential learning can help them better understand their role with your company, and help them develop in that role to accomplish their tasks—and more. Experiential learning can give them a reason to take pride in their job—and in the company. And that’s one of the best reasons to offer training: to develop a team that wants to work together toward a common goal.


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