Post-Event Follow-Up

Managing the Follow-up

There are three major components of post-events and the last two are often forgotten. The first is handling the logistical and financial details. Second is a debriefing session. The third is post-event follow-up with attendees to maximize the event investment.


We are there for our clients during post-event follow-up with experienced people, creative ideas and impeccable attention to detail.

Taking Care of Details

Once an event is over, we take care of all the logistical and financial details to wrap up the event. This might include packing and shipping items, settling accounts and following up on invoicing. We know there are many other details to consider in the wrap-up phase, which we determine with our clients.


  • Collecting unused conference materials and transporting them back to offices for proper storage or disposal
  • Packing and transporting all supplies, materials
  • Settling and closing accounts with the venue for services and support provided
  • Detail of budgetary expenditures; cost analysis

Staying Connected With Attendees

There are a multitude of ways to follow up after an event – social media, emails, phone calls, direct mail and more. This should be based on your objectives, staffing and budget. What helps is to put in a follow-up plan as part of the event planning process.


One of the most effective ways to follow up from an event is to provide relevant content that connects the attendees back to the event and provides them with value. Some examples are:


  • White Papers
  • Infographics
  • PowerPoint Presentation Slides
  • E-Books
  • Third-Party Relevant Articles
  • Industry Studies


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