Health & Safety

Manage Risk, Improve Peace of Mind

Comprehensive Health & Safety Services will help your organization carefully assess and mitigate hazards, ensuring a safe experience for all exhibitors, attendees and staff. This reduces your risk and, in turn, your liability, which improves your bottom line. 


JDC Events has team members certified by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, with decades of experience in managing the intricacies of event Health and Safety. 


More importantly, we know and understand unions. We specialize in USA union labor management and know what laws apply in which jurisdiction. We can negotiate on your behalf to encourage safer onsite practices, which create better working conditions and reduce risk and liability.

How Does it Work?

The plan begins during the event preparation phase with a review of buildout plans. Our team will check booth construction renderings to ensure that everything will be built to an acceptable standard. We will also create risk assessment and crisis management plans, which will remain live throughout the event. The crisis management plan covers every likely contingency, from emergency preparedness to First Aid services.


Once buildup commences, our team will help maintain oversight of construction, machinery use, and staff safety practices. We will also initiate safety checks throughout your event.

What’s the End Result?

Working with a dedicated Health & Safety team helps ensure that all staff, subcontractors, exhibitors and vendors adhere to best practices at all times. 


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