Experiential Learning

Great Teams Don’t Just Happen

It takes training, education and a healthy dose of motivation to cultivate stronger teams. At JDC Events, we’ve put a twist on this idea with our newest skills and leadership service: Experiential Learning.

In this new form of corporate training, Experiential Learning takes your team out of the office to find solutions from companies that have experienced challenges that parallel your own. Your employees will develop fresh skills, insights, and motivation in unexpected places, in ways they might never have imagined.

Perhaps you want your team to think more innovatively. Or maybe you’d like them to develop new skills to manage change, or improve their customer relations. Whatever your end goal, we will craft a customized Experiential Learning session that achieves it. 

How Does it Work?

  • We start with a discovery session to better understand your objectives.


  • We identify trendsetters and leading organizations that will teach, motivate and inspire your team to uncover insights that will benefit your company. We’ll match you with an organization that will teach your team the concrete skills they need to bring your goals to fruition.  


  • Your team will visit the partner organization. The site may be an office, or it could be a workshop, museum, store, or warehouse. By getting out of your own workspace and seeing another team in their environment, you’ll be able to hone in on the smallest details that make your partner’s operations work so well. Your team will also be able to fully immerse themselves in the Experiential Learning session, without any distractions.
Visiting a partner organization for an experiential learning session
  • We’ll handle all the logistical details, from partnering your company with the right leaders, to developing training materials, to booking your team’s travel and accommodations.


  •  After your Experiential Learning session ends, we’ll follow up to measure your team’s progress, and offer reinforcements as needed. As your team begins to implement what they’ve learned back at the office, you’ll have clear metrics to help you gauge the impact of your session.

What’s the Outcome?

This is an opportunity to position yourself, your team, and your company as leaders in your field. With Experiential Learning, you can raise the bar for your team and give them the necessary tools to rise to the challenge.

A Real-World Example

A large real estate firm is experiencing siloing, and it’s slowing down innovation. The team heads to an Experiential Learning session in the warehouse of a successful logistics contractor, which has successfully cultivated an environment where departments work collaboratively.



The real estate group takes a deep dive into how the logistics company broke free from its own silos by sending departments to learn about each other’s operations: forklift operators learned about marketing, for example, while the sales team learned warehouse management.

The real estate group takes those insights back to their firm and uses them as a model for creating synergies among the departments in their office.

Let’s Get to Work

With Experiential Learning, you can expect your team to be challenged to strengthen their performance while generating actionable ideas.


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