A Socially and Business Savvy Strategy

Increasingly, organizations are hosting competitions to help scholars, but also as a way of recruiting top talent to their organizations. Additionally, competitions are brand builders that help organizations show their vision and position as thought leaders.


Competitions take a great deal of work – from marketing and judging to award ceremonies and celebrations. Poorly executed competitions can be harmful and are often hard to recover from for future events.

Creativity and Detail Unite

To appeal to young people, competitions need to be creative and fast moving. JDC Events knows what people like in competition events because we have many years of experience planning and executing all aspects of these projects.


Among the many services we provide are: event strategy, site selection, contract negotiations, online registration, attendee tracking/support, food and beverage, materials development/collation, event amenities, signage/printing, venue coordination, ground transportation, décor elements, travel coordination, audiovisual arrangements, speaker management, registration and housing, and on-site management/execution.

An Example

Have you ever considered identifying a new water purification method or thought of a more natural and cost-effective way to clean oil spills? There are bright high school students across the country thinking through such topics to compete in the Siemens Competition in Math, Science & Technology — the nation’s premier research competition, awarding scholarships of $1,000–$100,000.


Each year, the competition is designed to foster individual growth and recognition among high school students who are willing to challenge themselves through independent research.


Siemens hired us to manage this five-day, multi-venue event, which involves a host of complex requirements, constant movement and use of changing venues. When the National Finals come to Washington, D.C., we provide full coordination and set-up services for more than 200 attendees.


This also includes working with several event partners, such as Discovery Education and George Washington University, while managing multiple activities from photo shoots to parent receptions, poster presentations, public project exhibitions, Google cardboard activities, meal events, an Innovation Summit featuring CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield and the Awards program.